Army & Navy Department Stores

The Army & Navy Department Store has been an iconic discount store in downtown Vancouver since 1919, however, greater retail competition saw the store’s sales plummet. To appeal to its price-sensitive target audience a repositioning of the brand was necessary. The perception of the store as an aging discount store needed to shift to that of an affordable but funky shopping ‘adventure’.

A review of the brand touch points revealed overwhelming inconsistencies but also inspired the brand ‘evolution’. The original logo, found in the business card archives, was modernized and brought back to life – staying true to the A&N’s heritage and value proposition.

The advertising materials were a bit edgy, making the most of a relatively small media budget. On re-opening day people lined up around the block to attend the event, sales increased by 350% in the following quarter, and the A&N saw customers coming in from areas all over Vancouver and from a range of socio-economic groups.

Bill Downie: Creative Director + Art Director + Writer

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