What we do

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Simply put, we solve problems with our creativity.

Collectively we have created brands, launched professional sports teams, conceived of TV campaigns, and created social media content in the form of stunts and videos - for starters. The long list of things we help create includes:

- Advertising

- Brands

- Digital ads

- Magazines and brochures

- Package Designs

- Social media content

- Videos

- Websites

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We build cost-friendly teams.

Not all clients want, or need, a big agency. The Pear model is lean and flexible (which is a sign of the times) but a sizeable team can be built in response to client needs. After 35 years in the business, Bill has countless working relationships with those who can best complement the creative and strategic thinkers at Pear, including:

- Media Planners

- Photographers

- Producers

- Programmers

- Social Media Planners

- Strategic Planners

- Writers